A new free font – ARS Novelty
A new free font – ARS Novelty

A new free font – ARS Novelty

To further celebrate the launch of our new website we would like to share with you a fresh new offering from ARS Type! A fun and by no means less functional experiment in hybrid of styles and historical influences, joining the baroque Serif with the geometric Sans, the formal with the flourish decorative — ARS Novelty is a typeface that tries to make sense of it all.

With an obvious nod to several decades of inventive and functional geometric design, served as the basis to a play with contrasts against the purely decorative and colorful school of design, ARS Novelty challenges legibility and familiarity by saying; If the eye reads best what is most familiar, than surely the best way to catch the eye’s attention is with a playful suggestion of the familiar! This must require certain amount of sentimental sensitivity, don’t you think? ARS Novelty certainly has a good amount of that!

Oh, did I mention it’s for free? Well, if you aren’t already registering and downloading it, there’s seriously something wrong with you!

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  • baldev

    nice font

  • Matthew O’Connor

    Love the font!
    Can I embed this on my site using the @fontface method?

    • http://www.arstype.nl/ ARS Type

      Yes you can.

      • Matthew O’Connor


  • magdakal


  • DavidV

    Both sedate and piquant, or jolly font. Like it!!

  • iagraphicdesign

    Amazing font. Thank you for sharing it for free. It has that French je ne sais quoi feel…

  • http://temma.me temma

    very cute!!!

  • rhyslim

    Thank you! Lovely!!

  • http://www.votre-site-internet.com/graphiste-annecy-haute-savoie/ graphiste haute savoie

    This font is absolutely exceptional ! Clear, readable, original and there’s something that looks russian in it, I don’t know why I have this feeling…

  • migerc

    thanks,very pretty

  • http://mundoabsurdo.org ivan

    thanx for the freebie!

  • ashok pai

    This is great. Thank you guys!

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  • Camille Laflamme

    Thank you very much, very interesting font

  • BethB


  • J E McFarlane


  • marususus


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