OpenType Features

ARS Novelty utilizes the capabilities of the OpenType format accessible in OT-savvy applications. It includes different automatic and Stylistic features all with Extended Latin language support.
You can also refer to the included PDF with your download.

This overview does not necessarily show the entire glyph set possible for each feature.


Stylistic Alternates

(salt) (ss01) (ss02)

ARS Novelty includes two sets of alternate characters that creates a round geometric text flow. The second set (ss02) adds a rounded w and a tailed l. Also included is an alternate doted Zero (Slashed Zero) to differentiate it from the 0!
This feature can be also activated by choosing StylisticSet 1 or StylisticSet 2 in InDesign.


(tnum) (tnum+onum) (lnum) (onum)

Since ARS Novelty is a lowercase typeface only, the included numerals are the good ol’ Old Style Figures available in both proportional and tabular spacing when activated. En extra set of alternate numerals are included to suit the geometric mono-line design of the capital characters. These numerals are activated in combination with the Case Sensitive feature (when choosing All Caps in your application).

Standard Ligatures & Discretionary Ligatures

(ligatures) (dlig)

The Ligatures are On by default and are recommended to be left always On in order to avoid optical clashes. ARS Novelty includes many of those ligatures to make a strong and optically correct text flow.
The Discretionary Ligatures (cp sp st) add that extra floral flavor to your text.

Case sensitive forms


When All Caps are applied from within an application (not by typing in Caps) appropriate case-sensitive forms are automatically applied. Punctuation, numerals, brackets and so on are replaced by their capital forms.



The Ordinals feature replaces certain glyphs with their corresponding superior forms.

Localized Forms


Localized accent forms for Romanian/Moldavian. Activated according to language keyboard layout, or by activating the feature where supported.

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