Blurb re-brand using ARS Maquette
Blurb re-brand using ARS Maquette
Blurb re-brand using ARS Maquette

Blurb re-brand using ARS Maquette

Almost any photographer (professional or amateur) who’s been thinking about printing their own portfolio book and the 1.5 million who did, have heard of Blurb. From fine-art conceptual photo books to wedding and vacation albums, it has been the do-it-yourself book company of choice. Offering high quality printing on a selection of premium quality paper and binding options — all that with an affordable price tag — made Blurb books grow into a leader in the self-publishing book business.

Late 2010, San Fransisco’s favorite firm Duncan/Channon have been given the task of refreshing and re-styling Blurb’s identity into a new brand that is universally enduring, while offering more flexibility and coherency.

Requested by Blurb’s CEO Eileen Gittins and craftily adopted and implemented by the group at D/C, our own ARS Maquette Pro became the typeface of choice (replacing Interstate) to lead Blurb’s new identity and lift it to the worldwide brand it aspired to be.

ARS Maquette Pro, Blurb’s typeface of choice.

A new generic Blurb business card making use of ARS Maquette Pro's oldstyle figures.

Mike Lemme of D/C and Blurb shortly after that, were the first to approach ARS Type for a License of the freshly completed ARS Maquette Pro, in early December 2010. Being a photographer myself, I knew of Blurb for quite a while — so this was all very exciting for me! It was about to get even more exciting as they where also the first to ask about and request a web-font version of ARS Maquette to be later applied to Blurb’s website. This was the beginning of an intensive and wonderfully collaborative effort to get ARS Maquette translated for the Web.

For a worldwide company such as Blurb, it’s only natural to expect that it will take some time till a full shift to the a new identity and collateral is complete. The first quarter of 2011 has shown however the first signs of Blurb’s migration to their new brand with a blast off print and web campaign masterminded by D/C introducing the new restyled logo and new communication strategy incorporating some gorgeous photography. Soon after that followed the implementation of ARS Maquette Pro on their website.

With new premium ProLine paper offerings, a new PBN 2011 competition and a recently released Blurb app, we can expect a lot more Blurb goodness to come this year. We’ll keep our eyes open, that’s for sure!

To see more of Blurb’s campaign visit D/C’s website and flickr page.

One outing from Blurb’s new print campaign. 2011 Duncan/Channon.

The PBN website using ARS Maquette Web. Click to enlarge +

ARS Maquette Pro on one of Blurb's video presentations.

Capture from Blurb's website - in french. Click to enlarge +

Capture from Blurb's website - ProLine. Click to enlarge +

Capture from Blurb Mobile app website. Click to enlarge +


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