New font release – ARS Maquette PRO
New font release – ARS Maquette PRO
New font release – ARS Maquette PRO
New font release – ARS Maquette PRO

New font release – ARS Maquette PRO

A success of a Typeface family is not necessarily an indication of its full potential. This is something I’ve come to realize through the years and I still find this notion an encouraging and positive factor in developing new typefaces. Since its initial design in 1999 and public release in 2001, ARS Maquette has been widely popular, especially since reaching wider audience through the trusted vehicle of FontShop International as a worldwide distributor. 
Something about its clean and stylish simplicity seemed to speak to designers and companies alike. And for any typeface to be able to speak to people (however loudly), is a powerful thing.

Through the years I’ve been listening to people who expressed their needs and wishes to have more out of Maquette to be able to use it more widely. It basically came down to two things:  the lack of Italics and the need for wider language support. If a typeface is a tool for a fast changing industry, the basic 5 weights family seemed limited in certain areas.
It became clear to me that ARS Maquette was well in use for an Upgrade – one that will lift it to its full potential.

Completed in November 2010, this new version however, is much more than an upgrade. Not only was it extended with two versions of newly designed italics and a generous amount of features & alternate characters — it was completely redrawn, refined and extensively spaced & kerned to fully excel in all its applications. Quite certainly for text and even more so for headlines, by introducing a unique new Display cut for all weights and styles.

Making it’s first appearance in the press by having been selected to feature in the current issue of Creative Review’s first Type Annual among other excellent typefaces, needless to say it makes me very proud and exited to introduce to you the new ARS Maquette PRO.

So what are you waiting for? Go see and test it for yourself!

7 Responses to New font release – ARS Maquette PRO

  1. Thijs Remie says:

    Nice one Angus! I stumbled upon your blog by checking what font was using. Looking mighty sexy.

  2. Dylan says:

    This is one of those typeface families that make my wallet twitch. LOVE the unicase sets in all weights.

  3. Congrats on the launch, Angus! ARS Maquette is even more than I anticipated. The Display features are very welcome and show that you are not just a font maker, but a user too.

    Now who do I blame for these gradients and emboss effects?