New release – ARS Maquette WEB

New release – ARS Maquette WEB

Over 10 months in production and after countless cups of coffee, we are proud to announce the release of ARS Maquette Web! Along with a dedicated hosting partnership with Typekit and an API integration with our online Shop, ARS Maquette Web is the first step in our route for developing and licensing type for Webfont use via @font-face web linking.

All 10 weights and styles have been hand-hinted and optimized for Cleartype and Grayscale rendering to look as good as we could manage on your Mac and Windows computer screens. While ARS Maquette Web Pro is still in production, we believe this standard set with its Extended Latin language support, will be more than sufficient for your website projects.

So how does it work?

First, you’ll notice a new tab added to the ARS Maquette typeface menu, called ARS Maquette Webfont. Clicking on this tab will bring to a standard preview page showing samples from the available weights and packages.

To purchase a licence for ARS Maquette Web and use it on Typekit, you can either go directly to the specific product page of ARS Maquette (“Buy ARS Maquette”) or to our online Shop. On both pages you’ll find a new WEB category of products added to the bottom of the page containing the available packages ready for licensing.

Notice the little “Web” and the Typekit logo icons added to the Webfont products to differentiate them from the rest. You’ll also notice that the drop-down Licensing menu reveals a licensing option per amount of websites you wish to use the Webfont on. Like with the rest of the products, clicking on the product container slides open the content of each package.

We’ve decided to offer the Webfont versions as stand-alone separate licenses and for very reasonable prices. We believe this offers more flexibility in choosing the appropriate type format for each project without being bound to your past Desktop purchases or being restricted to purchasing them together.

Once you complete your purchase through our shop and PayPal get-way, you’ll receive two emails. One stating your purchased products and licenses the Total price. The other email will contain the activation links to your fonts on the Typekit website. Activating the fonts will add them to your font selection on your Typekit account.

Please make sure to read our Webfont License Agreement for our terms and further details on using our Webfonts.

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