New Type-Tools to Test-drive our fonts

New Type-Tools to Test-drive our fonts

Since the launch of our website, I’ve been looking to integrate better Font-testing tools that will offer visitors the option to click through, not only the styles and weights of each Typeface, but also through their OpenType features. Now, thanks to the dedicated help from Peter Biľak at the Typotheque foundry and their advanced range of available Type Applications, it became possible to integrate exactly this kind of Tools!

We realize how difficult it is sometimes to choose the right typeface for each particular project and needs. Hopefully these tools will give you a more accurate impression of our typefaces and their character and help you through your choice process.

The main two tools — the OpenType Font Tester and the PDF Font Tester can be found on the test fonts. page found on the top menu. You’ll notice that the old Test-Drive link has been omitted from the menu of the Typeface pages.
The third tool is the Charcters Set Viewer that takes a permanent place on the menu of each of our Typefaces.

OpenType Font Tester
With this tool you can test and compare all our fonts online using your own text in different sizes. You can also review the available OpenType features for each font and switch them On or Off to see them in action. It is similar to what we had available before, with this one having the important advantage of previewing the OpenType features available in each style and weight.

A typical example of the OT Font-Tester in use.

PDF Font Tester
This experimental tool makes it possible to create a printable PDF with your own samples set in our typefaces. Choose the font, size, OpenType feature and colour and generate a PDF sample with the fonts rasterised at 300 dpi. You can fit as many text samples as you want into a page, and generate as many PDF documents as you wish.

An example of a sample page ready to be generated into a PDF.

Character Set viewer
This tool does exactly what its name suggests — it shows you the complete set of characters or glyphs in each font and style in a handsome layout, separated into several pages depending on the point-size. Clicking on the little triangle above some of the characters shows you all the alternate glyphs associated with that particular character.

Character Set viewer - first page of ARS Maquette Pro Regular.

Character Set viewer - first page of ARS Maquette Pro Regular.

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