It’s hard to believe; A type foundry that has been around for 17 years still haven’t had a proper website? Well, enough is enough! Welcome to our newly furnished Home!

Well, it’s not completely accurate — ARS Type actually did have a website before in 2001.. till some nerd in Taiwan decided to be “creative”!

But we’re back with a new website and this time a proper one, one our foundry and typefaces deserve!

We start with a small selection for now, but what a selection! A new release of the long awaited ARS Maquette Pro, and another new typeface ARS Novelty — which is FREE for download exclusively from ARS Type!
You can of course review our typefaces and their features on their dedicated pages, and even take them for a Test Drive on our integrated TypeShow application. But our website wouldn’t have been complete without a good online store, a store that enables you to view/select/register and order directly using a PayPal gateway checkout for a swift and safest payment transaction possible — after which you’ll be able to download your font(s) immediately! This all takes minutes. In your account you’ll be able to review your order and downloads, and be alleged for future upgrades and free updates from ARS Type.
With this new foundation of our website, it will be easier to add more bits and functions in the future to make the browsing experience even better.

If you aren’t already, be sure to sign up for our periodic Newsletter, to stay informed about new typeface releases and other major developments.

At the moment we are busy upgrading the rest of our library to the OpenType format and other new typefaces projects are in the pipeline. There are more exciting developments ahead such as web fonts, so there’s a lot to look out for in the future. We’ll keep you posted!

So, have a look around — hope you like what you see.

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